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Treating Lumbar Spinal Pain

Human SpineLower back pain is very common and most people have experienced back pain episodes at some time during their lives. Attendances at Physiotherapy clinics for lower back pain are very common. Physiotherapists employ a variety of assessments, and treatment techniques to manage spinal pain and improve patient function.

Our Physiotherapists look for the patient to react, as to whether they have mechanical spinal pain, a condition where normal physical stresses such as sitting or walking have a worsening or easing affect on the pain. The examination starts by observing the posture and movement of the patient during the questioning and the physio follows this by examining the spinal posture and ranges of movement. Abnormalities of posture are common and not always important, with leg length differences, a reduction or increase in the back curves and a scoliosis being common findings.

Physiotherapy is a fantastic way to manage and treat back pain. If you are suffering with back pain, come in and see us, our team are well trained and have 15+ years experience in dealing with patient back pain (The Principal Physiotherapist: Theodore Kavieris has treated over 5,000 backs during his career, read more about Theo’s experience here). No one should have to live with ongoing back pain.

If you have questions about back pain, feel free to contact us: or call us on: 02 9966 1347, we are committed to your health and wellbeing!

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