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Sports Physiotherapy in Mosman – Treatment by Former Elite Athlete Physiotherapists

You know you’re in good hands when you’re being tended to by the same professional who has worked on similar injuries for elite players from Arsenal Football Club; or when your physiotherapist has toured with the Australian National Track and Field team or has worked with a group of professional touring golfers to enhance their performance.

Sports Physiotherapist Available in Mosman

Do you have a recurring injuring giving you grief from your old sporting days? Is your body just not bouncing back the way it once did? Our sports physio in Mosman is here to help.

We’ve all felt it, haven’t we? The results of ageing on our bodies. That slower recovery time, the harder effects of the falls and knocks. The drive to prove that we’ve still got it and can keep up with the young ones that ends in us limping off the pitch in shame, pain and with a slightly bruised ego. That’s just the beginning. What about the recovery time, the ongoing treatment of weekly visits for treatments that leave you feeling worse for wear at extremely high costs?

At The Summit Physiotherapy in Mosman, our experienced and professional physiotherapists are solely interested in getting you back on that horse. We work with you to create an individual and specialised rehabilitation plan that fosters your independence from us, by sharing knowledge and techniques of ways you can effectively look after your body at home.

Physio for Developing Bodies

Are you searching for a professional physiotherapist who has worked with developing young bodies before? Our physio clinic in Mosman is the place for them!

Do you have a teenager sick of spending time on the sidelines nursing injuries and is desperate to get back on the field? Our therapists here at The Summit are used to seeing the anguish of young sportsmen and women and want to help get them back in the game. We have worked as sports physios with athletes at the elite national level, assisting those participating in the World Junior Athletics Championships, The World Junior Wrestling Championships and for the Australian National Junior Commonwealth Games team.

Our exercise science background, along with our ability to translate the jargon to you and your teenager, ensure that you both understand just what is or isn’t happening with the body, and allows greater understanding of the injury management process. We work on improving performance rather than just dealing with the predominant niggling injury, promoting longevity and subsequent injury reduction.

At The Summit Physiotherapy, we look after your body and your wallet. The individualised care you receive from our small, personal clinic not only aims to keep you and your family moving but understand the joy that comes with feeling like you once did, of feeling young and moving easier. For further questions on how we can benefit your family, or to book a consultation, please call us on 9966 1347.