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Should You Try Acupuncture in North Sydney, Cremorne, Mosman, or Wollstonecraft?

These days, many people are turning away from unnecessary drugs and searching for more holistic approaches to pain and other problems. Individuals are learning about older methods of pain relief, and increasingly seeking treatments such as acupuncture in Wolls …read more.

Chinese Cupping Therapy now in Mosman

Do you have recurring neck pain and niggling muscle stiffness in your back? Do you live in the Mosman area? The ancient Chinese technique of cupping therapy may just be for you. Compliment your current care by loosening up those stiff and tired muscles and …read more.

Looking for a Sports Massage Therapist in North Sydney, Mosman, Cremorne or Wollstonecraft? Count on Someone Who Has Worked with the Pros

Whether you are trying to recover from a sports injury, preparing for a rigorous athletic activity or seeking to maintain the body and prevent injuries in the future, a sports massage is a worthwhile investment. At The Summit Physiotherapy, we specialise in the art …read more.

Train Harder and Play Harder, with Professional Sports Physiotherapy in Cremorne

If you are an athlete, then you know what it’s like to want to train hard, but to not be able to. No matter the sport and regardless of whether you do it as a hobby, in amateur competition or as a professional pursuit, nothing is more frustrating than being …read more.

Sports Physiotherapy in Mosman – Treatment by Former Elite Athlete Physiotherapists

You know you’re in good hands when you’re being tended to by the same professional who has worked on similar injuries for elite players from Arsenal Football Club; or when your physiotherapist has toured with the Australian National Track and Field team or …read more.

About Sports Physiotherapy and Where to Find a Sports Physiotherapist (Physio) in North Sydney

Sports physiotherapy involves the management and prevention of injuries that result from exercise or sports participation. Individuals with sports injuries span all ages and skill levels. When you visit a sports physio in North Sydney, he or she will assess your …read more.

Interested in Chinese Cupping Therapy Near Cremorne? Call The Summit Physiotherapy

Did you catch a glimpse of some of the high-profile swimming events during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics? If you did — or if you were paying attention to the news coverage — maybe you noticed the strange bruise-like welts many high profile swimmers sported. …read more.

Chinese Cupping Therapy Gaining Popularity in North Sydney

If you watched the 2016 Summer Olympics, you probably noticed that cupping therapy was a popular theme among the athletes. But it’s not just for the elite; lots of people are trying out cupping in North Sydney and elsewhere. Chinese cupping therapy is an ancient …read more.

Work Towards Feeling Like a New You with Chinese Cupping Therapy Near Wollstonecraft

Have you ever heard of myofascial decompression? Don’t worry if you haven’t — but you might know it by another name. What about cupping therapy? Whether you heard about it after watching pro sports on TV or because a doctor suggested you might benefit from it …read more.

Work Towards a Life of Less Pain with The Summit Physiotherapy Through Dry Needling in North Sydney, Mosman, Cremorne, and Wollstonecraft

There’s no doubt that coping with chronic pain is often difficult. Managing your pain level often involves all kinds of decision each day — do you feel well enough to go to the store or attend a social function? How much can you do without hurting more tomor …read more.

Relax Tired Muscles with Massage Therapy from The Summit Physiotherapy, Serving North Sydney Including Mosman, Cremorne, & Wollstonecraft

Tired, aching muscles are a common complaint for many people at the end of a long week. When you can finally kick your shoes off and relax at home, it’s a relief to abandon the postures that make you hurt. What happens when the pain doesn’t go away even after …read more.

Physio & Athletes: Benefits of Sessions with a Sports Physiotherapist from The Summit Physiotherapy

How much different is your body from a machine? On the surface, sure — it’s very different indeed. When you get down to the basic functions of the body, though, it’s hard not to say that all the parts which must work together to function properly are machine-like …read more.