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Relax Tired Muscles with Massage Therapy from The Summit Physiotherapy, Serving North Sydney Including Mosman, Cremorne, & Wollstonecraft

Tired, aching muscles are a common complaint for many people at the end of a long week. When you can finally kick your shoes off and relax at home, it’s a relief to abandon the postures that make you hurt. What happens when the pain doesn’t go away even after you relax, though?

Here’s another scenario: athletes know that soreness after a big game or heavy workout is usually the result of lactic acid buildup. When that ache lingers, though, or when you can’t seem to escape frequent twinges of pain, it’s a little more concerning. What if you’ve suffered a sports injury? That’s another case where reducing pain and getting back to peak performance is important.

In both these cases and many others, one of the best options for treatment remains massage therapy. Wollstonecraft athletes and residents looking for a reliable, experienced massage therapist can turn to The Summit Physiotherapy and our compassionate care. From deep tissue massage for pain relief to just a basic massage for the purpose of relaxation, our therapists provide a range of services. In combination with our on-site physiotherapists, we can help you locate the source of your pain and work towards reducing its presence in your life.

Experienced hands providing massage therapy for North Sydney

A major benefit to choosing The Summit for your massage therapy near Cremorne is the excellent variety of services available in our clinic. Different approaches to massage often yield different results. Some techniques are better suited to tackling pain originating deep within your muscle tissue; others are best applied when facing more superficial surface pain. Our two highly trained massage therapists have an excellent knowledge of all the techniques they employ.

Knowing how to provide effective massage therapy in North Sydney isn’t solely about knowing how to work your muscles, though. It’s also about being able to target that treatment for the best effect. After consulting with your therapist and discussing what you’d like to get from it, we’ll formulate an approach.

Whether that means turning to reflexology or the tradition of hot stone massage depends on your personal needs. We offer a guarantee of satisfaction with our services or your money back. That’s how confident we are in offering you help. At The Summit Physiotherapy, providing you with aid and relief is the top priority.

Whatever your need, we’re ready to help

Coming to The Summit Physiotherapy for massage therapy near Mosman means placing yourself in careful and experienced hands. Whether you just want a way to relax and unwind after a tough week at the office, or you hope to use massage as a way to fight pain, let our therapists care for you. Through practice and experience, they will work to release the tension in your muscles. Have questions about how to improve your posture or reduce your need for a regular massage? We’ll be happy to work on a solution that meets those needs. To set an appointment now, call the clinic on 1300 133 116.