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Work Towards a Life of Less Pain with The Summit Physiotherapy Through Dry Needling in North Sydney, Mosman, Cremorne, and Wollstonecraft

There’s no doubt that coping with chronic pain is often difficult. Managing your pain level often involves all kinds of decision each day — do you feel well enough to go to the store or attend a social function? How much can you do without hurting more tomorrow? Making these decisions day in and day out is no doubt tiring. At The Summit Physiotherapy, we understand your daily predicament.

Our goal, therefore, is to help you come up with a path towards more independence and less pain. There are many therapies that might be right for you, including dry needling. Our North Sydney practice employs physiotherapists with hands skilled in these and many other therapies. Our practitioners put their decades of hands-on work experience to good use.

In addition to dry needling, we also offer massage therapy. Determining what treatment or combination of therapies is best for you begins with a face to face consultation with one of our practitioners. From your initial examination to your first session in dry needling, Mosman residents looking for relief can rely on our team. Understanding your therapy is important. That is why we make every effort to break down the problem for you and explain our therapies fully.

Before trying dry needling in North Sydney, consult with us

The process of dry needling, or the strategic insertion of very fine needles into tension points around the body, is a very effective therapy. However, it’s important to ensure that this type of treatment is the one best suited to the unique conditions your body faces. Before coming to see us for dry needling near Cremorne, we’ll first invite you for a consultation. Here, one of our experienced and gentle physiotherapists can examine you. Tell us about your pain, where and how often it hurts, and anything you may have tried in the past. We’ll build a foundation for treatment from your answers that accounts for your unique history.

If needling is right for you, there’s nothing to worry about. At The Summit, our physiotherapists worked at an especially high athletic level before opening the clinic. We’ll “let our hands do the talking” so you can experience for yourself the gentle technique we employ. Helping manage pain and improving your daily life are our goals. Through dry needling and many other therapeutic efforts, we’ll uncover what’s most effective at helping.

Set a date for your first trip to The Summit today

From massage and visceral manipulation to the powers of dry needling, Wollstonecraft has a source for many alternative therapies conveniently near you. Our physiotherapists each have two decades of experience, including time spent treating athletes on the world stage. In other words, you’ll be in good hands the entire time you see us for treatment. Although the process of dry needling might seem intimidating at first, the gentle treatment made possible by experience plus the pain relief is anything but scary. For a chance to dig down, find, and treat the root causes of your pain, contact The Summit Physiotherapy today.