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Work Towards Feeling Like a New You with Chinese Cupping Therapy Near Wollstonecraft

Have you ever heard of myofascial decompression? Don’t worry if you haven’t — but you might know it by another name. What about cupping therapy? Whether you heard about it after watching pro sports on TV or because a doctor suggested you might benefit from it, it’s a fascinating practice. Thousands of years old now and finding new effective applications all of the time in the modern era, cupping is an excellent alternative therapy for athletes and others alike.

For those interested in this ancient Chinese practice, you might wonder where you can go to speak to a professional about cupping therapy near Wollstonecraft. The Summit Physiotherapy is ready to be your resource and provider. With a decade and a half of experience in offering evidence-based physiotherapy, reducing your level of discomfort and working towards better mobility are our goals.

The qualified staff here is ready to work with you to determine an ideal course of treatment. Before we set your first appointment, though, you might be wondering “What actually is Chinese cupping?” We’ve prepared a quick primer to break down the basics of how this therapy works, as well as some of its primary benefits. When you’re ready, we’ll be happy to help you set up a visit.

Before you try cupping in Wollstonecraft, what is it?

There’s no denying that cupping looks a little weird at first glance. You’ve likely already seen the marks left behind after the therapy is over. So how do they get there? The process begins with the cups, of course, which are often made of glass. In the most common type of Chinese cupping, the air inside these glass objects is heated before being placed on important points on your body. The difference in temperature draws the skin upward into the cup as the heat stimulates blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

There are other types as well. When you visit us for cupping from Wollstonecraft, you will receive a personal consultation. This helps us determine the best approach to your therapy. Afterwards, we’ll make plans for your first session. From a more relaxed body to days spent free from pain, this practice has many benefits. We hope to use our experience to make them accessible to more people around Sydney.

Call now to speak to a friendly associate about an appointment

Now that you have a better idea of how this therapy works, why not try it out for yourself? The Summit Physiotherapy offers convenient Chinese cupping near Wollstonecraft. During your first phone call and through to your initial visit to our clinic, we’ll keep you informed of what’s happening at every step. Knowing that everyone’s body is a little different, we’ll work to determine the best way to apply our therapeutic knowledge to your needs. It’s easy to use our experience for your benefit; just give us a call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists. Reach us on 1300 133 116, or use our contact form to ask us some questions via email.