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Chinese Cupping Therapy Gaining Popularity in North Sydney

If you watched the 2016 Summer Olympics, you probably noticed that cupping therapy was a popular theme among the athletes. But it’s not just for the elite; lots of people are trying out cupping in North Sydney and elsewhere. Chinese cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that involves creating suction by placing special cups on the skin. Cupping can help with pain, inflammation, relaxation, circulation, and overall well-being. Therapists use cups made of different materials including glass, silicone, earthenware, and bamboo.

Types of Cupping

There are two different types of cupping therapy: dry and wet. Both types involve placing something flammable, such as paper, alcohol, or herbs, inside a cup and setting it on fire. As the fire goes out, the therapist places the cup upside down on your skin. The air inside the cup gradually cools, creating a vacuum. This causes your blood vessels to expand and your skin to rise into the cup; the cup is typically left on the skin for about three minutes. More modern cupping therapy in North Sydney sometimes utilises suction via a rubber pump rather than fire.

In wet cupping, the therapist removes the cup after a few minutes and then makes tiny, light cuts on your skin with a small scalpel. Then, he or she repeats the cupping to draw out a small amount of blood. Individuals experiencing their first cupping session may try just one cup to see how they respond to it, or they may use a few cups. No matter how many sessions you’ve had or how you’ve responded, using more than five to seven cups in one session is rare. After treatment, you will most likely receive antibiotic ointment and a bandage to prevent infection; your skin should return to normal within 10 days or so. Proponents of wet cupping believe that it removes harmful substances from the body and promotes healing, but scientific proof of this is lacking.

Side Effects of Cupping

Cupping is a safe practice as long as you visit a trained professional for treatment. Side effects are generally mild but could include discomfort, bruising, burns, or skin infection. Before starting cupping therapy, be sure to ask your doctor or health professional any questions you may have such as what condition the cupping is treating, what experience the professional has with cupping, and whether there are any reasons you, yourself, should avoid cupping.

Where to Find Chinese Cupping in North Sydney

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