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Chinese Cupping Therapy now in Mosman

Do you have recurring neck pain and niggling muscle stiffness in your back? Do you live in the Mosman area? The ancient Chinese technique of cupping therapy may just be for you.

Compliment your current care by loosening up those stiff and tired muscles and joints with a cupping therapy treatment from our professionals at The Summit Physiotherapy.

What is Chinese cupping therapy?

Designed to promote blood circulation while relieving pain, cupping therapy works to calm down the nervous system, and in turn those stiff and tight muscles. As a massage applies pressure downward on muscles, cupping is effective in the opposite – gently using pressure to pull the muscles upwards. Using cups made of bamboo or plastic, the skin is slightly suctioned inside along with the blood vessels, raising the tissues and pulling out the toxins that reside there.

Using air to create the suction, the removal of heat from within the body stimulates blood flow and enhances circulation, making it a great addition for those with high blood pressure. Loosening the muscles below the cups, clients often report a feeling of calm and relaxation.

High profile athletes, such as Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, have taken to the therapy as treatments in between events as it is also suggested to accelerate the natural healing processes of the body and have anti-inflammatory effects.

How can Chinese cupping therapy at our Mosman Clinic Benefit you?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above of muscle pain and blood circulation, cupping has been known to be effective in the treatment of a whole list of conditions. The combination of the enhanced circulation and calming down of the nervous system means that cupping can be effective in the management of anxiety and fatigue, and is often used as a natural supplement to the treatment of a range of mental ailments.

Many other reported advantages include the removal of scar tissue, stress relief as well as in the treatment of allergies. Known to have excellent healing effects, cupping has been successful in the eliminations of colds, flu, fevers and even cellulite.

At The Summit Physiotherapy in Mosman, our 20 years of experience has seen many evolving techniques when it comes to the treatment of the human body. Our continual professional development ensures we are up to date with the most efficient methods to meet your unique needs. We work closely together with your doctor and any other medical professionals to provide the best possible service and treatment methods, designed specifically for you and your unique body. Our comprehensive treatment methods aim at not only keeping you moving but assist you in becoming independent from us. Not only providing the maximum benefits to your body, but also to your time and wallet as well.

Call us today on 9966 1347, for further information on how cupping therapy could work for you, or to book an appointment with one of our therapists. At The Summit, we let our hands do the talking.