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Interested in Chinese Cupping Therapy Near Cremorne? Call The Summit Physiotherapy

Did you catch a glimpse of some of the high-profile swimming events during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics? If you did — or if you were paying attention to the news coverage — maybe you noticed the strange bruise-like welts many high profile swimmers sported. From Michael Phelps to other medallists, these marks caused quite a stir. What were they? What did they mean?

The mystery was easy to solve: the marks were the result of a Chinese cupping therapy the swimmers used. With cupping exposed to a wider audience now, many people are wondering: could I experience pain relief or a better overall feeling through this therapy? At The Summit Physiotherapy, we can evaluate your individual condition and suggest the appropriate remedies for your case. For athletes looking for cupping near Cremorne, we are happy to offer this service.

To get the most out of this therapy, it’s important for an experienced professional to oversee its administration. At our office, we offer personalised, attentive service for each of our clients. If you’re curious about trying Chinese cupping in Cremorne or if you just want to know if it’s right for you, we invite you to explore a little deeper. What kinds of benefits do people usually see from this activity?

Three significant benefits to trying cupping therapy near Cremorne

First and foremost, Chinese cupping can help to provide relief from pain. Whether the pain is the result of an athletic injury or it’s simply a chronic problem, many people say they experience less pain after cupping. Because the practice draws blood quickly to an affected area, it may help to stimulate the body to reduce painful inflammation.

Next, we can work on improving your range of motion with cupping therapy. This is why you so often see cupping marks near the shoulders on swimmers. For athletes, this can be a valuable therapy. It can open the door to training more vigorously or improving your form at a critical time.

Finally, you might wish to try cupping therapy simply because it is relaxing. With effects comparable to receiving a deep tissue massage, many people find the cupping process to be therapeutic in itself. In combination with the other benefits, it’s a complete package. When administered by our experience therapists in our clinic, you can trust in our ability to bring all three of these benefits to bear for you.

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For such a simple practice, it can be a little amazing to think about the number of potential benefits there are to cupping therapy. Cremorne residents curious about trying it out should contact us today. Our staff physiotherapists have a wealth of high-level experience, including consulting for athletes participating on Olympic teams. Even with that pedigree, we continue to offer a personalised experience in our small practice. The experience of quality and comfort is what we strive to create, from answering your initial questions to every consultation and visit. For more information or to discuss cupping today, please visit our contact page.